One app - two ways of using it
Use it at your party - and let your guests request songs
Use it at your party - and display guest photos on your TV
Use it by yourself - to remote control a player

PlayMeNext - Introduction

Tired of parties with trashed play queues and interrupted songs? With PlayMeNext, everyone is a DJ and may request and reorder songs safely, simply by using their iPhones. But that's not all! For even more fun, anyone can be a Paparazzi and post photos to the shared photo wall, that can be displayed live on your TV. If you dare you can also have those photos uploaded to Facebook or Flickr automatically.

To get started as the host of a party, simply start PlayMeNext in "Player mode" on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, hook it up to your sound system and/or TV and you're ready to go. After your guests have installed PlayMeNext on their device, they can connect to your player, using "Guest mode", and start requesting songs from your iTunes library and taking photos. Just make sure you enable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth* and get ready for some serious fun!

So what are you waiting for? Start using PlayMeNext today at your party, event, café, bar, restaurant, gym - with PlayMeNext there's no end to the possibilities!

Note: Player mode is limited to 10 minutes in free version.

* Wi-Fi is highly recommended for best performance and stability

PlayMeNext can be used in two different modes:

Player mode - As the host of a party or event you can:

  • Setup a player and play music from the iTunes library of your device
  • Setup a passcode that guests needs to enter to connect to your player
  • Setup a special owner passcode that lets you remote control (start/stop music, change volume etc) the player from another device
  • Choose which playlists guest may request songs from
  • Login to Facebook and Flickr and setup album for automatic photo upload (you may do this later if you want to review photos before upload)
  • Load the Play Queue from a playlist
  • Add some initial photos to the Photo Wall (guests will always see the first photo just after they connect)
  • Connect your device to a TV, computer screen or projector to display a slideshow of all uploaded photos
  • And much, much more!

Guest mode - As a guest you can:

  • Connect to a nearby player
  • See what's playing right now, and what's in queue
  • Add songs to the Play Queue dedicate them to someone
  • Change the order of songs in play queue
  • Upload photos along with comments to the Photo Wall
  • See photos and comments from other people